Hello all!

I'm Stacy Foss, a Navajo photographer based in Northern Arizona.

To say I have a passion for photography is an understatement. I've always found joy in my surroundings and seeing the beauty of everything nature has to offer. Using just my memory to capture those moments. I didn't discover my love for photography until I was in my 20's. For Christmas, I was gifted my first DSLR from my husband not long after we eloped. I took that baby everywhere. My first unofficial photo shoot was at my nephews birthday party on a very windy day. Using some birthday balloons and a dark red brick wall as my backdrop I was able to get some photos that my sister still has hanging on her living room wall. At that moment, I knew just what I wanted to do. I found amazing people to bless me with the opportunity to practice and learn the tricks of the trade. Today, I love being able to capture moments using my Canon and my very much loved 24-70mm lens. After shooting different styles of photography, I found a connection in senior photography and decided it was where I wanted to be. Though my main focus is with senior portraits, I still do various types of photo sessions and always make new memories in capturing those moments. Head on over to my portfolio and have a peek at all that I have to offer.

Again, thank you for stopping to visit my page. Time is precious and something you can't get back. Taking this little bit of your time to see what I'm all about is very much appreciated.